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GWATA E-Newsletter - November 2005

Here are highlights from our GWATA board business meeting held November 1st, 2005.



GWATA Officer Changes

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Straub, our new GWATA President and the following community members in their respective capacities. We welcome Lance Hansen with NCW Community Bank as our new Treasurer. The Directors have included their direct contact information here; please feel free to contact them.

  • President & Director Martin Straub, Cordell, Neher , 663-1661
  • Secretary/VP & Director Nena Walton, Fiber Optics-Chelan PUD , 668-4166
  • Treasurer & Director Lance Hansen, NCW Community Bank , 667-1657
  • Director Al Neace, NCW Digital , 670-2808
  • Director Don Stone, Stemilt , 662-9667
  • Director Jenny Rickel, NTI , 661-2102
Nov. 16th GWATA Event

Join your local business community to hear service provider experts Firefly, Genext, NTI and Verizon Wireless provide technology solutions for everyday business problems, 3:30pm at Cordell, Neher.


2005/2006 Schedule

We’d like your help in developing the program schedule for 2006, hear your opinions on GWATA’s future direction, as well as share what’s happening in your business at the Jan. 25th planning meeting. Members are also always welcome at board meetings.

Here’s a complete schedule of upcoming events and meetings.
Nov 16, Wed, 3:30 GWATA Program Event, Business Technology Solutions, Cordell Neher
Nov 30, Wed, 3:00 Board Meeting, Cordell Neher
Dec 21, Wed, 3:00 Board Meeting, NTI
Jan 25, Wed, 3:30 GWATA Program Event, 2006 Planning Meeting, NCW Community Bank
Feb 22, Wed, 3:30 Board Meeting, Stemilt
Mar 29, Wed, 3:30 Board Meeting, NTI
Apr 26, Wed, 3:30 Board Meeting, Cordell, Neher


We will be reviewing our membership structure, fees, and benefits over the next several months. We welcome your opinions as we develop this new structure and expect to have the details available by early 2006.


A draft of the GWATA bylaws were distributed to the board for review and consideration for approval at the Nov. 30th Board Meeting. The bylaws are the governing instrument for the organization and need to be readily put into service. It was agreed the bylaws should be written to accommodate the future application of 501(c)(3) status for GWATA.


A new bank account will be opened at NCW Community Bank. This change will help show our support of our local banking institution as well as make it easier for our new Treasurer to take care of our future banking needs.

Phone and Mailing Address

A new post office box and phone number for GWATA have been activated. They are: PO Box 4943, Wenatchee, WA 98807 and the new phone with voice mail is: 661-9000.

Attendees present were: Don Stone, Jenny Rickel, Al Neace, Martin Straub, Lance Hansen and Nena Walton.