About the Innovator Scholarship Fund

GWATA is excited to partner with Twisp, WA micro-manufacturer eqpd (pronounced “equipped”. Through eqpd’s “Build For A Purpose” program, we are raising funds for our annual Innovator Awards scholarships. This fund is awarded every year and goes to deserving individuals who excel in the field, classroom or community to progress the STEM principles (science, technology, engineering and math).

Scholarship awards are given to the students and educator who are awarded:

  • STEM Educator of the Year
  • Innovative Problem Solver of the Year (Post Secondary Student)
  • Future Tech Leader of the Year (K-12 Student)

You can contribute to the scholarship by purchasing a GWATA eqpd bag.

How does it work?

Your purchase is part of eqpd’s “Built-for-a-Purpose” campaign, were they donate the entire retail profit (50%) to support the GWATA Scholarship Fund. Both GWATA and eqpd thank you for your support. Because of you, a motivated and thoughtful person gets rewarded and hardworking local manufacture keeps working.