At GWATA we rely on several key partners and sponsor that enable us to grow and connect within the North Central Washington area.  Without the generosity of these partners we would not achieve our mission. The ports have been major partners with GWATA since our inception and continue to support and nurture our growth in the region.  Without the contribution of their commissioners we could not make all the events that we provide happen.

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The Apple STEM Network, established in 2016 is a key partner with us and their support and funding has allowed our organization to create opportunities for our community to improve STEM education and outreach.

Chelan County is a great place to live with an excellent quality of life.  But nearly every rural community boasts of quality of life.  So let’s talk about the key advantages Chelan County offers to a new or expanding business.  When you pair these advantages with our quality of life, you will find Chelan County hard to pass up.

  • Clean, inexpensive, hydro power
  • World class telecommunication
  • Connectivity
  • Favorable business climate
  • Stable economy
  • Key people will come to and stay in Chelan County

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As the primary economic development engine for the community, the Port of Douglas County has a simple focus: Facilitate healthy growth through partnerships, infrastructure investment and diversification. Those aren’t empty words, either. Our region has a long history of working and innovating together.

Annual Sponsors